Evaluation of the project FECYT “The science that can not be learnt on internet”

A team of the consolidated research group DHiGeCS has successfully concluded the project named "The science that can not be learnt on internet. Setting the scientific method closer to the secondary education". This project, whose main researcher is the Dr. Joan Santacana, belongs to the program "Fomento de la Cultura Científica, Tecnología y de la Innovación de la FECYT".

The assessment of the project took place on the "Museu de Lleida" during a period of two months (November-December 2016). It did consisted on the implementation of 11 LabCase designed on a first stage of the project with the aim of setting closer to youth the scientific knowledge through the archeologic method and work. The didactic material designed has been tested and assessed  through clickers on 864 unities of analysis on students of all levels on Secondary Education, coming from different centres of Lleida.

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