III Encounter of Social Sciences Teachers in Mérida.

In October 2014 it took place the first conference of Social Sciences teachers in Lebrija (Sevilla). It was an encounter with an open character. Its intentions were:

  1. To create a training space for reflexion about didactics and its practices, the learning and the teaching of Social Sciences
  2. To give the encounter an innovative character, with a clear program and open to debate.
  3. To debate about the potential and posibilites of the Social Sciences: its new methodologies and tecnologías, the classrooms, the social competences within a  complex, global and instantáneas world in which we live in.
  4. To mix the professional and personal learning.
  5. To publish the proceedings and debates of the encounter.

Then, the second encounter took place in Córdoba, trying to reach a wider number of teachers.

On this occasion, teachers from Extremadura we organize the event one more time. Thus, we will celebrate the III Encounter of Social Sciences teachers in Mérida (Badajoz). Our aim is to create a space of debate and reflexion about our subjects, and besides that, to find a space to exchange educational experiences, a space to be inspired by new projects and ideas.

Likewise the first and second encounter, this one will be free, uninformal and organizad by teachers, the purpose is to share, and learn about Geography and History.

We call you to Mérida this 18th of February (2017) to the III Encounter of Social Sciences teachers  (#eDccss17).

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