III International Conference of Didactics of History. Assesment of competences and development of cognitive abilities about history on the secondary education

The coming 14-15th December, the Department of Didactics of Mathematics and Social Sciences of the University of Murcia organizes the III International Conference of Didactics of History.

The main objective of this conference is to promote a fluent and constructive dialogue among professors and teachers who can exchange didactical proposals that allow teachers on Secondary Education to improve the acquirement of historical competences and skills on students.

The research lines during the conference are:

  • -  Historical education, competences and development of historical thinking.
  • -  Landscape, identity and heritage in the field of History teaching.
  • -  The role of History to build of a critic citizenship and a sociopolitical and involved students.
  • The conference will take place on the Sala de Grados of the faculty od Education of the University of Murcia. It is an activity included on the coordinated Project (EDU2015-65621-C3-2-R): “Competencias sociales para una ciudadanía democrática: análisis, desarrollo y evaluación”. It colaborates the Ministry of Economics and Competitivity.

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