The University of Huelva organizes the I Hispanic-Japanese Symposium of Culture and Education

With the aim to spread the knowledge and improve the approach, exchange, cooperation and diffusion in scientific matter, culture and education between the University of Huelva and the University and affine institutions of Japan, the University of Huelva, through the Department of Didactic and the Group of Investigation DESYM (Initial Training and Professional Development of the professors of Sciences-Didactic of the Experimental Sciences, Social and Mathematical) has organised the I Hispanic-Japanese  Symposium of Culture and Education that will take place the 19th of April in the Faculty of Sciences of the Education.

Likewise, this meeting of international character pretends, among others objectives, boost the investigations on Japan in the UHU and will suppose the starting point for the presentation and impulse to the activities of the Academic and Cultural Centre of Oriental Asia of the UHU. His organisation has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the Embassy of the Japan, the Vicerrectorado of Studies and Internationalisation, the Red 14 (Network of Investigation in the Education of the Social Sciences) and Kokoro, magazine for the diffusion of the Japanese culture.

The event will be developed along a day, structured around three consecutive round tables in which will participate specialists and researchers of recognised prestige in the field of the Hispanic-Japanese studies like the General Consul Honorario of the Japan in Andalucia, José Japan Seville, the Director of the Foundation Japan in Madrid, Shoji Yoshida; the translator and poet condecorado with the Order of Sol Naciente, Fernando Rodríguez-Izquierdo and Gavala or the researcher on painting Nihonga Javier Ruiz Carrasco, among others.

The I Hispanic -Japanese Symposium of Culture and Education will begin with an act chaired by the Rector of the University of Huelva, Francisco Ruiz; the Minister of the Embassy of the Japan in Madrid, Kenji Hirata and the professor of the Department of Didactic Integrated of the UHU and member of the Group of Investigation DESYM, Emilio José Thin Algarra.

There will be three round tables. The first of them will tackle subjects like the history of Japan; the Embassy Keicho, the origin and his legacy; divulging of the Japanese culture and education of Japanese tongue in Spain or Japan and the UHU. The second round table will treat questions like the diffusion of the scientific knowledge in the modern Japan and the education of the social sciences, citizenship and ethnological heritage in Japan. Finally, the third of the tables will analyse subjects like the image of Japan in the imaginary western through the literature of trip, among others.