Red 14: Research network in the field of teaching Social Sciences

Red14 gathers the principal Spanish research groups who investigate about learning and teaching in the field of Social Sciences. It studies about fields as heritage and education, history education, the building of identities or the development of social competences, among others. After its foundation in 2014, Red14 aimed to overcome the divisions and the isolation of the different groups, tried to put in common resources and started to promote the development of collaborative projects.

Among the foundationals objectives we can find:

  1. To create a frame that provides the exchange of regular experiences and researches between groups.
  2. To develop training programs for researchers.
  3. To strengthen a research group in the field of ditactics of Social Sciences, which can contribute to establish wider networks.
  4. To increase the improvent and the visibility of the research in didactics of Social Sciences.
  5. To ensure the transfer of the research to the agents involved on the learning of Social Sciences, specially to the teachers.

Red14 formed itself as an association of diverse research groups. The belonging to the network depends on the formal entrance to one of the groups who form it. The research teams can be consolidated and known groups, the merge of some groups from one or more universities, or groups which share a research project and count with external funding. It is not contemplated the individual subscription to the group.

Red14 has consolidated itself in 2014 after the association of 10 research groups from 14 universities and it is open to new admissions. Each member has a coordinator. The current coordinators from Red14 are the following:

  • Alex Ibáñez Etxeberria, University of País Vasco (GIPYPAC group).
  • Joan Santacana Mestre, University of Barcelona (DHiGeCS/ DIDPATRI groups).
  • José María Cuenca López, University of Huelva (DESYM/Gaia groups).
  • Olaia Fontal Merillas, University of Valladolid (OEPE/HISREDUC/ECPEME groups from the University of Oviedo).
  • Pedro Miralles Martínez, University of Murcia (DICSO group).
  • Pilar Rivero Gracia, University of Zaragoza (URBS group).
  • Ramón López Facal, University of Santiago de Compostela (Roda group).
  • Xosé Manuel Souto González, University of Valencia (Grupo Social(s)).

The coordination during the biennium 2015-2016 has been entrusted to Ramón López Facal, professor at Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.

Red14 counted on the economical help of the Ministry of Economics and Competitivity from the Spanish government for the two year period 2015-2016.

Every year Red14 organizes a seminar about methodology and research for PhD students researching on the field; several symposiums (the most recent one in 2016 “The VII International Symposium of  Didactics of Social Sciences in the Ibero-American sphere”: next call in Valparaíso, Chile, in 2018); cooperates with magazines and publications within this field with the aim to improve the quality and strengthen other networks and research groups.